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Shrink Tubing - X Flocked

Each piece is pre-cut to a length of 39.4". X Flocked Shrink Tubing. Great for handle material on all types of rods. Cover old worn out cork or EVA parts with out the need to remove or re-build the handle. Simply slip it over and heat it up and you have a new grip. Colors: Black or Blue.
HST.jpg Shrink Tubing X-Flocked

 Item Number I.D. Length Price
 BATST.984-Black .984" 39.4" $11.69
 BATST1.118-Black 1.18" 39.4" $15.95
 BATST1.38-Black 1.38" 39.4 $19.98
 BATST.984-Blue .984" 39.4" $11.69
 BATST1.118-Blue 1.18" 39.4" $15.95
 BATST1.38-Blue 1.38" 39.4 $19.98

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