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Immortal Switch Rod Kits - 2016



Switch, 4 Piece, Gloss Burgundy Finish, Fast Action Featuring our refreshed RX8 ultra-high modulus graphite, HDSC™ technology, and renowned quality and craftsmanship, the Jaguar Design™ team has created new switch rod and spey rod blanks that will impress even the most experienced and critical fly fisherman. Our design team incorporated time proven ultra-high modulus reinforcement (UHMR™), optimized resign content (ORC™), and dynamic modulus positioning (DMP™) for power and finesse with every cast. All of our revolutionary manufacturing, processing, and testing have resulted in our finest switch and spey blanks designs to date.  Scandi=For use with longer head for more delicate presentations Skagit=For use with shorter head for winter presentations • RX8 Graphite Blend • Dynamic Modulus Positioning • Innovative Resin System • Light, Strong, and Sensitive • Pinnacle Balance of High Modulus • Fast and F/SC – F/SK Actions • Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power • Stunning Burgandy Gloss Finish • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kit Contains:

• Blank
• TiCH Plated Components
• 2 spools of thread
• Double Foot Guide Set
• Hook Keeper, Winding Check
• Large Loop Tip Top
• Super Grade Cork Handle Kit

Price includes shipping by U.S. Postal Service in the U.S.A. only. Even Alaska and Hawaii



IMMORTAL Switch Rod Kits - 2016

Model Length Pcs Line Butt
Application Kit
IMMF1106-4GBY-K 11'0" 4 6wt 285-335 grn.scandi 0.4 4 2.6oz. Large Trout on streamers  $216.
335-385grn. skagit /Summer Run Steelhead
IMMF1107-4GBY-K 11'0" 4 7wt 325-375 grn.scandi 0.425 4 2.6oz. Summer Run Steelhead  $227.
375-425grn. skagit /Steelhead
IMMF1108-4GBY-K 11'0" 4 8wt 340-390grn.scandi 0.433 4 2.9oz. Winter Steelhead/Steelhead  $224.
390-440grn. skagit /Smaller Salmon

fak-clear-xsmall.jpg FAK-K With Purchase of Rod Building Kit

All Rod Building Kits are now available with an optional Flex Coat Rod Finishing Kit. The Flex Coat kit contains: 24ml Flex Coat Rod Builder's Glue, 4 Wooden Glue Sticks, Flex Coat Tip Top Adhesive, Flex Coat Guide Foot Adhesive, 24ml Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish, 4 Flex Coat Mixing Cups, 4 Non-porous Finish Stirrers, 2 1/4" Finishing Brushes, 2 1/8" Finishing Brushes, Directions for use. Special Price With Purchase of Sage, St. Croix or Rainshadow Rod Building Kit $9.95 Includes two spools of 100 yard spools of thread. Limited to 2 spools of thread and 1 rod finishing kit per rod kit order.

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