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REVELATION 4 Piece Fly Rod Kits - 2016




Fly, 4 Piece, Color Satin Black, Fast Action

In 2013, the Jaguar Design™ team sent a notice to the fishing industry with the introduction of the Revelation™ casting and spinning rod blanks. What was that notice? RainShadow™ has the highest performance rod blank at the most  reasonable price that the industry has ever offered. Fast forward to 2014, we took all the ground breaking technologies we created developing the Revelation casting and spinning blanks and applied them to Revelation™ fly rod blanks. The Revelation™ fly blanks feature RX7 Toray™ graphite, HDSC™, ORC™, and DMP™ technologies Each model is painstakingly tested with fly line to assure they cast and perform properly. They are truly a Revelation!

• RX7 Graphite
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than competitor models
• Fast and Extra Fast models
• Perfect for Skilled Anglers
• True Workhorse Designs
• Finest Balance of Strength, Sensitivity, and Feather Weight
• Smooth Satin Black Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• All models 4 piece


Model Length Line Butt Tip
Application Kit
REVF904-4KIT 9'0" 4wt 0.333 4.5 1.6oz. Trout/Panfish dry flies & small nymphs/Medium
 to long length casts
REVF905-4KIT 9'0" 5wt 0.393 4.5 1.7oz. Trout/Panfish dry flies & small nymphs/Medium
to long length casts
REVF906-4KIT 9'0" 6wt 0.389 4.5 1.8oz. Trout/Panfish dry flies & small nymphs/Medium
 to long length casts
REVF907-4KIT 9'0" 7wt 0.366 4.5 2.1oz. Smallmouth Bass/Bonefish/Large Trout $190.
REVF908-4KIT 9'0" 8wt 0.378 4.5 2.2oz. Largemouth Bass/Bonefish/Redfish $193.
REVF909-4KIT 9'0" 9wt 0.392 4.5 2.3oz. Salmon/Steelhead/Redfish/Medium SW Rod/Long casts $205.
REVF9010-4KIT 9'0" 10wt 0.413 4.5 2.5oz. Permit/Big Redfish/Large Salmon/Pike-Muskie/Long casts $207.



REVELATION 4 Piece Fly Rod Kits - 2016

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