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Flex Coat - Chucks & Motors

gear-motor.jpg Flex Coat - Gear Motors - Motor Only

High Quality USA Built Gear Motors for building your own finishing and drying units. All motors have a 1/4" shaft. Available in 6, 18rpm. 110 volts.

Flex Coat - Self Adjusting Chuck

Flex Coat's Self Adjusting Chuck. Securely holds rod while applying and curing rod finish. Fits motors with 1/4" shaft.

pdf.pngMaking Chuck Adapters

sl1-150px.jpg Flex Coat - Slip Clutch

This slip clutch can be attached to any finishing motor with a 1/4" shaft and enables you to stop the rod without stopping the motor. This is essential for rod inspection and important touch ups with high speed motors of 60 to 200 rpm. It also makes coating guides with under-wraps a snap.

pdf.pngMaking Chuck Adapters

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