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Flex Coat's Decorative Wrap Layout Jig


DW2.jpg Decorative Wrap Layout Jig
$23.95 $21.56 On Sale!

This tool makes the most complicated decorative butt wraps easy to layout. The package includes a circle template for marking the axis of the rod blank, a 12 inch long C-Thum ruler for precis measurments. and a precision b cut "V" groove the layout jig for lengthwise rod marking. The3 Flex Coat Decorative Layout Jig is a perfect accessory to the "Flex Coat Step by Step Decorative Rod Wrapping" guides (DWG1 & DWG2).

dwg.jpg Flex Coat - Decorative Wrapping Guide
$5.35 $4.39 On Sale!

Decorative Rod Wrapping Guide Perfect for any rod builder who wants to learn the art of decorative rod wrapping. This is an easy to follow step by step instruction guide with complete diamgrams showing how to wrap a variety of designs. #DWG-1 Covers Diamond, Flag, Box, Fish #DWG-2 Covers Maze, Thunderbird, Cross, Tuna.

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