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ALPS Triangle Window Aluminum Reel Seats


Alps™ Triangle Reel Seats With Custom Woven Metallic Insert Plus Body Window

• Patented triangle design
  • Lobed nut design for better grip on nut
    • Slide band keyed to body
      • Custom woven metallic silver insert w/window For high tech look
        • Marine grade aluminum
          • Hard anodized finish

  Centra-Lock | Trigger | Triangle Window | Triangle

CATRIAH.jpg ALPS CA-TRI-AH Aluminum Seats

ALPS aluminum reel seat. Available in Silver or Black anodize finish. Price $39.95 to $52.90

Item Number Length mm(in) I.D. mm(in) Price
CA-TRI-AH12M(-B,-S) 102.7mm (4.04) 11.10mm (.437) $39.95
CA-TRI-AH16M(-B,-S) 112.0mm (4.40) 13.79mm (.543) $39.95
CA-TRI-AH20M(-B,-S) 130.0mm (5.11) 17.09mm (.673) $47.50
CA-TRI-AH22M(-B,-S) 133.0mm (5.23) 20.09mm (.791) $52.90

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