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ALPS CBS Weighted Butt Cap System


The perfect way to counterbalance your favorite custom rod. Modern blank materials have allowed designers to push the overall length of blanks to lengths unheard of in the past. Long rods allow for fishing presentations that simply cannot be done with the shorter rods, but it comes with a cost, rods tend to feel tip heavy. The design team at Batson Enterprises has the answer; an adjustable counterbalance system for today’s long rods.

It works like this, simply glue the threaded section of the system on the bottom of your handle assembly in place of your normal butt cap. Then choose the appropriate weight to screw onto the bottom of the upper section, and go

Suddenly you have a rod with the correct balance and fishability In the tables below, we list some general guidelines on what size weight to choose.


Item Number Max O.D. mm (in) Weight (oz) Length when assembled
w/CBS-Ins mm (in)
Blank Length
CBS-2.0 30.57mm (1.20) 2.00 oz 34.79mm (1.37) Up to 7'6"
CBS-3.75 30.90mm (1.30) 3.75 oz 40.76mm (1.60) Up to 8'6"


cbs-butt-caps.jpg ALPS CBS Weighted Butt Caps

CBS-2.0 30.57mm (1.20") 2.00 oz. Length


Price $24.95 to $32.49

cbs-ins-b.jpg FORECAST Threaded Section

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